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Pure Plains Bison;

North America's

natural range animal.

Herd Details

Page Updated 04 Feb 21

At MFL Bison Ranch Ltd. we have one of the few pure Plains herds in Canada and are supporting the Canadian Bison Association's project to develop a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) DNA test to differentiate the Plains and Woods subspecies, quantify bovine DNA introgression and provide reliable parentage testing.

We run breeding stock that have been tested free from bovine DNA introgression using the microsatellite test developed by Texas A&M University over 20 years ago.  The new test is imminent and our bison show very low levels of bovine DNA introgression even using the new test.  Using ~10,000 SNPs, instead of 26 microsatellites, gives the new test nearly 500x greater fidelity when looking for bovine DNA.


As of the end of 2020, MFL has had 130 animals tested during the SNP DNA trial period and as the commercial test launches in early 2021, we will be testing a number of animals each year.  This will allow us to maintain our 'Pure Plains' herd, manage away from any bovine DNA introgression in the future and trace parentage and bloodlines in our herd.

Our breeding herd has three distinct herd sire bloodlines.  That means that the bulls in two herds are descended from three common sources.  At present we run 'New Teddy Roosevelt', 'Old Teddy Roosevelt/M-line' and 'Yellowstone' bloodlines.  In 2018, our 'Holmberg/Heim' bulls were replaced by 'Yellowstone' bulls, so the 2018 calf crop was be the last 'Holmberg/Heim' calf crop at MFL.


For more details, see the 'Our Bison' page.

About us

MFL Bison Ranch Ltd is a family business.  We incorporated as MFL Bison Ranch Ltd in 2017, but we are known as 'MFL Ranches' by many in the Bison Industry and nothing has changed but the shift from a partnership to a Ltd company.


MFL Bison Ranch Ltd is owned and operated by Dick & Karina Staudinger and Stewart & Mariem Staudinger.  The origins of the ranch go back to the homestead of Alex Staudinger, who settled near Sylvan Lake, Alberta over a century ago.  There are now four farms in central Alberta that are owned and operated by grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Alex Staudinger and the original homestead quarter section is still in the Staudinger family.


The Ranch Gate Market Ltd. is open in Sylvan Lake, AB.

MFL Bison Ranch Ltd now has a sister company, The Ranch Gate Market Ltd.  It is a butcher shop and pantry market offering bison (mixed ration & grass finished), beef (conventional & grass fed), yak (grass fed), elk, pork, chicken, Sylvan Star Cheese and Black Rifle Coffee.  We also offer a range of pantry items, BBQ sauces and rubs etc.

The Ranch Gate Market offers an 80/80 guarantee.  This means that over 80% of the meat sold in the store is sourced within 80 miles of the store.  We currently source from over 9 local farms and ranches in central Alberta, including our own.

We aim to help you feed your families the same quality food Alberta ranchers feed their own families, not the industrially processed stuff you find in the supermarket.

The Ranch Gate Market is managed by Dreef (Andrea) Staudinger.  Please feel free to stop by to check out the store or call 403-864-4040 for more information.

The Ranch Gate Market Ltd offers curbside pickup for anyone who needs it.

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