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Health and Diet

Disease is profitable; a tale of religious extremism and corporate greed.

Dr John Harvey Kellogg is at the heart of one of the most tragic, and perhaps malevolent, campaigns against human health in modern history.  An extremist Seventh Day Adventist, Dr Kellogg spent much of his life dedicated to combatting sexual sins.

On the surface, this might have been a laudable effort had his methods not turned out to be so damaging to human health and to cause immense unnecessary suffering.

In the late 1800s, Dr Kellogg discovered that the consumption of grains, corn in particular, resulted in the suppression of the male libido.  For one on a crusade against sexual sin and lustful desire, Dr Kellogg never seemed to consider that what he was observing was a conglomerate of symptoms of malnutrition, metabolic disfunction and autoimmune disease.  ‘First do no harm’ obviously held little sway with Dr Kellogg.

Dr Kellogg went on to invent Corn Flakes and make millions selling processed grains as foods.  Much of his profit went to funding Loma Linda University to indoctrinate generations of doctors to push this agenda, birthing in the process, the modern vegan movement.  He also dedicated many funds to white supremacist groups and eugenics organizations.  His successors founded the American Dietetic Association to promote a diet for ‘chastity and purity’.

The result is that today we have a very influential movement in the medical community, and wider public, dedicated to a diet that was originally intended to reduce the male libido, and did so by making the dieter very, very sick.

A most pernicious form of biological warfare.

Kellogg has been joined by an entire industry of industrial ag corporations, food processors and pharmaceutical companies pushing ‘plant-based’ diets for huge profit margins; and also profitably medicating the victims. 


In 2020 we've seen public health authorities lock down entire countries because of a virus with an Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR) of 0.14% (seasonal influenza varies between 0.05% and 0.15%), demanding the development of vaccines for all.  The result are a bunch of vaccines that have a statistically higher serious injury rate, and long term health consequence, than the virus they're meant to stop.

This corporate driven campaign against human health has prompted Dr Aseem Malhotra, a leading UK cardiologist, to create a lecture  for  both law-makers and regular citizens entitled, ‘Big Food & Big Pharma; Killing for Profit?’

Disease is very, very profitable.

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