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Direct to Customer Meat Sales:


MFL Bison Ranch Ltd has changed tact regarding meat sales in 2019.  In April, we formed a new company and bought a butcher shop and pantry market in Sylvan Lake Alberta.

'The Ranch Gate Market Ltd' is now the primary outlet for our direct to customer meat sales and we offer everything from individual cuts to 1/4s or 1/2s.

Cutting, wrapping, sausage making, etc are all completed in-house and in line with Alberta Health Services & CFIA protocols.

Please call 403-864-4040 or find the store on Instragram, Twitter and Facebook.

Gluten Free pizza with Bison Pepperoni

Two Options:


We now have both mixed ration and grass finished bison meat available in our store.

Flame Grilled NY Strip Bison Steak
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