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Mixed Ration Fed Bison

Our mixed ration finished bison are fed on a mix of good grass/legume hay and screening pellets, both available free choice.  They have been fed a mixed forage ration through the winter following a summer on pasture last year, exactly the same as our forage finished animals.

A dietary Omega 6:3 ratio below 4:1 is generally considered to be 'heart friendly' by cardiovascular health specialists.  This promotes increased circulating n-3 LC-PUFA which studies indicate may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and autoimmune inflammatory responses.

Bison finish leaner than beef but with similar fatty acid ratios.

For comparison:

Forage Bison               2.7:1

Mixed Ration Bison     3.1:1

Grain Fed Bison          >7:1

Bison Sausages - very nice!

Bison Striploin brazed in red wine jus.

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