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How to order

To order your bison meat, call or email 'The Ranch Gate Market' (click on the logo to the right and the store website will open).  If you have specific health requirements, we can advise you on options that best suit you.


For your planning, a 1/4 animal will normally come in three boxes.  The boxes approximate 6"x14"x21" and you'll get two full and the third will be between half full and full, depending on the finished weight of the animal.

Our 1/4s will be 'balanced', meaning you'll get half of a 1/2 an animal, with an selection of front and rear cuts.  This means that two customers receiving a 1/4 off the same animal will get the same meat.  We now cut to a 'traditional cut' cutting sheet, giving you a range of roasts, steaks, stew and ground, to which you can add sausages if you wish.

You'll pay a wholesale price based on the weight category the 1/4 fits into, this is significantly more economical than buying retail.  Call or email The Ranch Gate Market for pricing.


The Ranch Gate Market

Phone: 1-403-864-4040


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